Aclon Line

“ACLON” CREAM + TONIC LOTION for pimples skin care

This high quality and high effective skin care line is marketed mainly through the Pharmacy-, Health Shop- and Supermarket channels worldwide.

ACLON CREAM is a very soft Day + Night Cream in one cream, enriched with plant extracts like Avocado, Carrot, Coneflower and young cells of brewers yeast penetrating deep into the skin. Skin care and protection for bacterias.

 Pure and healthy look of the skin need AclonCream twice or even three times per day. Protection against environmental pollution. Dermatologically tested. Use AclonCream after skin cleansing with the AclonTonicLotion by slight massage movements and apply daily twice or three times or whenever your skin has to be ‘feeded’.

ACLON TONIC LOTION is a soft Toner without alcohol. Penetrates deep into clogged pores, where water and soap cannot do enough. This gentle Toner penetrates deep into the pores, kills deep dirt and fat/sebum particles. Apply with a cotton pad or just with the fingertips, pH-restoring.

Also used as an After Shave.

ACLON CREAM + ACLON TONIC LOTION is a truly naturally based alternative in skin care and treatment. No skin irritations are known, no burning and no skin peeling. This gentle skin care line will work in harmony with your skin. Natural normalisation of the skin is the task of this very gentle product. Continuous use in small  amounts is recommended to maintain optimal skin conditions. After two weeks the skin will show excellent reaction. It will not make your skin feel greasy or oily. Do not wash off the cream. You can apply your make-up after this stage. ACLON is the excellent tool for the maintenance of all skin types to an optimally lovely condition.

ACLON - genuine care for problem skin !

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