Basic Line

Cleansing Milk

with Echinaceae, Rudbeckia, St. John’s Wort for deep skin cleansing effect. Soapfree skin cleanser. Deep cleansing action eliminates make-up and small impurities. Cell renewal with pure plant extracts and young cells of brewers yeast. This super cleanser will heal and treat troublesome spots and blemishes. Apply sufficient amount of Cleanser with circular slight massage movements on the face and neck for one minute. Rinse off thoroughly with water or Tonic Lotion.

Tonic Lotion

with Echinaceae, Calendula, Camomille, young cells of brewers yeast help maintain moisture level. Alcohol - free. Used as part of your daily skincare routine this deep skin cleansing Toner will stimulate and refresh your complexion, restoring pH. Improves the condition of greasy and congested skin. Prepares the skin to fully benefit from moisturization. Use after Cleansing Milk by patting the face gently with a cotton pad. Use also to mix  <Masque Dayenne> face mask.

- Masque Dayenne - Face Mask

Powder Face Mask with pure young cells of brewers yeast, without any preservation, for direct effect on the skin. Cleanse and regenerates. Unique formulation. Turns a dull, tired, blemished complexion into a healthy glowing one. Makes your face look and feel fresh and radiant. This easy to use Face Mask not only cleanses your skin to get it deep down clean but its special ingredients also regenerate skin cells for a younger looking complexion. Can also be used as a standalone product. Available in a jar with measuring spoon or in a sachet-bag sufficient for one use.


Mix 1 measuring spoon of Face Mask Powder with 2 measuring spoons of Dayenne Tonic Lotion for a thin paste. Apply a thin layer on the skin with a brush or with your fingertips and let it dry for 15 mins. Then remove with a warm compress or wash off thoroughly.

First week once daily

Second week every second or third day only

Third week onwards twice a week or whenever you feel there is a need to

Start using Dayenne Face Mask two or three days before menstruation so that skin blemishes during this difficult time are controlled.

Apply DAYENNE TONIC LOTION after use of the Powder Face Mask to restore the pH-balance of the skin.

<MASQUE DAYENNE> Face Mask is the key product in the Dayenne Facial application/treatment to ‘work’ for a CLEAR SKIN within very short time only.

Day Cream

soft skin protection for the entire day. Moisturizing. Forms a light film over the skin to provide effective all day protection. Regulation of sebum secretion. Suitable for all skin types - including oily and problem skin. Protection against environmental influences with natural plant extracts. Sebum (skin oil) decreases 20 % within 15-20 days. Use after <Masque Dayenne> by slight massage movements or even just as Day Care Moisturizer several times per day

 For small skin blemishes (spots, etc.) this excellent DAY CREAM may be sufficient - without using further Dayenne products - in daily skin care for teenagers or men. The high power of the young cells of brewers yeast in this very special Day Cream will help to support the skin’s restoring process. This light moisturising cream can be applied with or without foundation.

Coloured / Tinted Day Cream

Use the coloured/tinted Dayenne Day Cream instead of foundation for day long protection against the elements by slight massaging onto the face. According to massage movements the colour will be more or less (light or dark).

Night Cream

A rich night treatment cream to moisturize and nourish the skin whilst you’re asleep. Pure natural plant extracts plus young cells of brewers yeast inhibit inflammations and  strengthens irritated skin tissue. For normal skin, too. This non-greasy cream helps restoring the skin’s protective film against dehydration and the effects of the ageing process.

Cover Stick

is the perfect cover up! Use it successfully to camouflage anything from dark circles under the eyes to troublesome spots and blemishes. It is not only to cover up but also to „heal“ while applied during the night, even if  Night Cream plus Cover Stick is used. The range of plant extracts and the young cells of brewers yeast help your skin care.

Mixing the <COVER STICK> with a certain amount of the DAY CREAM/COLOURED in the palm of your hand produces your favourite colour.

DAYENNE - genuine care for problem skin !

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