It is every woman’s and girl’s desire to have beautifully formed and youthful firm breasts, clean skin in the area of the decollete, neck and bust.

DAYENNE offers excellent skin care products for these delicate skin areas.

DAYENNE DECOLLETE MASK  <MASQUE DAYENNE DECOLLETE> is a powder Mask based on pure young yeast cells, highly effective skin care for the decollete, neck, shoulder and bust area. Excellent results are shown empirically in cases of problem skins on said skin regions. Pure natural without preservatives.

Cosmetical valuable ingredients care for the skin making it silky and supple. Moreover, after latest research, this very special mask treatment finds it’s usage and application on the skin of the decollete area as a „body/bust forming beauty programme“. No miracle cure, but highly effective skin care. Environmental conditions, mental and physical stress, puberty, menstruation, etc. can cause a variety of skin problems. Clear skin with this special skin care.


Apply a very thin layer of the DECOLLETE MASK evenly over the skin of neck, decollete, shoulder and breasts or that part of the body you want to be applied after careful cleansing with the Dayenne Cleansing Milk. Let it dry for 15-20 min. and remove with a warm compress. Once or twice weekly should be enough. For Mask application mix 4 measuring spoons of the Decollete Mask POWDER with 8 measuring spoons of the Dayenne Tonic Lotion to a thin paste to be applied using a brush.

DAYENNE BUST CREAM ( for decollete, neck, shoulder, breasts ) On latest scientific research this <Bust Cream> with Allantoin, Collagen, Elastin, Bio-Complex and young cells of brewers yeast can be used daily in the morning and evening after careful skin cleansing with Dayenne Cleansing Milk and, in addition, after application of the Decollete Mask. Very gentle massage with circular movements into the skin of neck, decollete, shoulder and breasts. Do not treat nipples! Always massage from the bottom to the top, up to the chin, so that the highly effective ingredients can penetrate into the skin easily. Do not apply during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Suitable for oily- sensitive skin care. Excellent for normal skin types. This cream is non-oily and non-sticky.



DAYENNE - genuine care for problem skin !

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