Skin Care Basics

DAYENNE COSMETICS - the unique skin care cosmetics with pure natural / biological young cells of brewers yeast, which are produced in a partly patented very special process, continously developed in our R & D to maintain exact Standards of quality, scientifically verified.

PROBLEM SKIN( blemished, pimple, impure, acne, oily ) is a Historical matter.Formerly, cosmetics were a privilege of noble women. Ancient Egyptian skin diseases were treated with „the sediment of beer“. The remedial power of brewers yeast has been known for 4,000 years. Today, we have young brewers yeast cells manufactured by a worldwide (partially) patented process, which are matching with living brewers yeast (usage of living brewers yeast in cosmetic production is not allowed). This is the only way to unfold it’s full enzymatic activity.

DAYENNEskin care products are based upon the latest scientifically verified findings of modern dermatology and provide one of the world’s best skin care regimes. Quality controlled. Tested by German dermatologists.

This high-class quality skin care product line (cosmeceutical/parapharmaceutical) is especially good for problem skin types, is also beneficial for those with normal skin.

Men, too, have discovered these excellent products for their sensitive skin, especially after shaving.

Environmental conditions, mental and physical stress, puberty, menstruation as well as environmental air pollution, etc., can cause skin problems. DAYENNE gives a range of valuable cosmetic skin care preparations to --- clear skin in only a few steps.

The Skin


at 1.5 square meters is the body’s largest organ.. Over 70 % of teenagers suffer from problem skin, spots, pimples, acne blemishes and oily skin. More so in tropical countries.

The skin has to protect against infections and bacterias. The skin own system is called pH. If pH-acid function is normal, then there is no skin problem. Many external factors damage the pH. And you yourself, too.

Wash-off dries out the skin and <the use of harsh preparations > introduces more skin impurities.


Apply DAYENNE regularly and according to product instructions and you will be soon delighted with the results and envied by others for your beautiful skin.

DAYENNE supports the body’s own skin acid screen

DAYENNE supports your skin´s healthy function


DAYENNE - genuine care for problem skin !

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