Supporting Products

The six DAYENNE SKIN CARE PRODUCTS are the basic line of DAYENNE products to help support skin improvement within only a short time of application and usage. However, it is recommended to continue to use DAYENNE for further skin care.

DAYENNE SOFT PEELING gives your skin radiant freshness in a matter of minutes only. Use your fingertips to add a little water and gently massage this light creamy Peeling onto your face to remove horny cells and blocked up pores. Allantoin, Root Beet, Vitamines and young cells of brewers yeast make this Peeling soft and gentle.

DAYENNE SUN CREAM SPF 14 offers your complexion the best in sun protection combined with all the good results of the Dayenne Day Cream. Use instead of Day Cream due to similar ingredient combination. It provides effective protection for all skin types including problem skins by preventing wrinkles and moisture loss. Use during sun stay everywhere including high mountains to prevent sunburn. This SUN CREAM is also good for after-sunburn skin care.

DAYENNE EYE GEL with plant extracts for the delicate area around the eyes. This wonderful gel can be used with and without make-up.

DAYENNE TEA TREE FLUID with Australian Tea Tree Oil (Melaleuca alternifolia), Bisabolol, Glycerin and young cells of brewers yeast for all skin types including problem skins. Antiseptic. For permanent use as mono product whenever the skin needs to be moisturized. The aromatic-refreshing fragrance is unbeatable. Without preservatives. No risk of allergies.

High-callibre skin care product  -  you need 100 kgs of Tea Tree leaves to just receive 1 kg of Tea Tree Oil!

DAYENNE FACE MASK NHE with plant extracts, mud, collagen and elastin for excellent care of delicate and problem skin for small skin blemishes. Super deep cleanser. Also to use as Relax Mask.

DAYENNE NATURAL SOAP BAR palm oil based with plant extracts and young cells of brewers yeast. Mild care of sensitive and problem skin. Non-greasy. Ideal skin care for neck, shoulder and sensitive hand skin. Use also as a „Shaving Foam“ for wet shaving.

DAYENNE LIP PROTECTION STICK Moisturizing LipProtectionStick protects against UVA/UVB rays with SPF 15 European Standard (corresponding with SPF 30 - U.S.Standard) containing young cells of brewers yeast, Vitamin E and Beeswax

in a solid 60 % plant oil base with modern vanilla flavour. Allergy-free tested. Usage whenever it’s windy weather, sunshine or high mountain sun and wind. Most excellent protection for your lips, usable under your lipstick too.

DAYENNE - genuine care for problem skin !

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